Friday, June 4, 2010


Thank you for finding us on line and your interest to visit and help.

• My Name is Eng. Bernard Kavishe +255784375815,, I am hands on school administration, I also manage the school email and website.

There is an elementary school you can help, it is in Rombo, We visited this school last year and found lovely kids with solvable problems as follows
• Three toilet blocks are needed (Teachers toilet, Kindergarten and staff toilet) the current toilets were built back in the seventies and are very degrading. We have started this work almost without any budget ( I estimate about TAS 15,000,000/= Will be needed of which there is about TSHS 3,000,000/= I shall in due course give you more information and photos, will definitely take you to visit this school when you come to Tanzania.
• Kitchen
• Furniture as classes are crowded = There are enough rooms, but too few desks and tables for the staff. Some rooms are not used
• The school needs painting, class rooms are very dark due to dirty walls
• Some classes require ceiling board and translucent sheets to allow more light in
• Electrical connection
• Probably later on a library, a computer lab etc. etc., a secondary school?
These are problems we are trying to solve at the school in their rank of priority. The budget for the rest of the problems can be worked out.
Otherwise the kids are lovely and teachers very enthusiastic, last year 70students sat for the National Primary Education Examination and 70students passed and were selected to join Government secondary schools. There is a shield at the headmistress office in one of recent years they were number one academically in the whole district of Rombo! Outsmarting school with better facilities including some private primary schools that usually select the best students.